Patient Comforts and Amenities


We believe that dentistry can and should be a comfortable, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience. Dr. Alex and his staff work their hardest to do all they can so that their patients feel as relaxed and at ease as possible.

Our patients deserve the best in care. Because of this we provide a number of different services to increase the comfort of our patients while they’re visiting us.

Some of these services include:

  • Blankets | While in one of our treatment rooms, you can request a warm blanket to snuggle with. Many patients enjoy this option, as it allows them to be more relaxed for their visit.

  • Neck Pillows | Need to rest your head or neck? We’ve got soothing neck pillows available, so you can get the comfort you need.

  • Massage Pad Chairs | We have chairs with massage pads in them so that you can melt away in total relaxation. Having your body carefully massaged while you receive treatment is a great way to feel at ease.

  • Warm Towels | After you have gotten treatment, we can provide you a warm towel to help you feel even more refreshed and renewed.

  • XMRadio | With XM Radio’s wide selection of different radio stations at your disposal, you can listen to all sorts of great music and programming while comfortably getting a procedure done.

  • Noise Canceling Headphones | We have noise canceling headphones for use in our treatment rooms. With these great headphones you can focus on your favorite music, or hear your favorite movie without having to worry about outside distractions.

  • Movie Glasses | With movie glasses our patients can watch a movie while having a procedure done. These are a great option especially for longer procedures, allowing you to be comfortable and enjoy your time at our office. The time will fly by!

We work hard to make sure that our patients receive the full benefits of a spa-like environment in the comfort of our modern dental office. If you have any questions about any of the wonderful comforts you can enjoy at our Athens GA office, please call us today!






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Glenn Alex DMD

Dr. Glenn Alex and his staff provide amazing cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, and even treat TMJ disorders. Call today for an appointment if you are in the Athens area, including Watkinsville and Jefferson GA.
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Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Alex is one of the gentlest dentists I have ever known. His team is experienced and equally nice. It's no wonder they have been working with him for so long. The environment is as clean and new-looking as when it was first built. Dr. Alex does exceptional work and is an asset to Athens. You are lucky to be able to get an appointment with him!
    Jeff Dirkens
  • Dr. Alex and his staff are quite friendly and professional. They are interested in the patient's dental health and well being. The initial examination is quite thorough and all problems are explained and available treatments are recommended. The problems discovered underscore the necessity of regular exams and discourage procrastination.
    Whit Lester
  • Dr. Alex was the perfect choice and I have been seeing him for about seven years. I couldn't be happier.
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