The Office of Dr. Glenn Alex DMD

Although our office is in located in Athens, we are excited to extend our services to the people of Jefferson. Dr. Glenn Alex and his staff believe in providing top quality general, preventative and cosmetic dental care services. It is our belief that by giving our patients top quality dental care, we can make your smile more beautiful, your overall health better, and your life more enjoyable.

Dr. Alex is a dentist near Jefferson and he and his staff provide a number of great services in the comfort of the modern spa-like environment of their Athens GA office. Some of these services include:

General Dentistry |

We are excited to offer a full line of general dentistry services to our patients. Some of our general dentistry services include white fillings, crowns and bridges, dentures, dental implant restorations, mouthguards, tooth cleanings, and more! If you are looking for a dentist near Jefferson, please give us a call.

Cosmetic Dentistry |

Dr. Alex and his staff offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry services including porcelain veneers, Botox for facial aesthetics, dental bonding, gum recontouring, tooth recontouring, tooth whitening, and even full-mouth restorations. We can help you get the smile makeover you deserve!

TMD/TMJ Treatment |

If you have symptoms of temoporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) we can help you get the treatment that you need to combat this disorder. We offer both Botox to help relieve the strain in your TMJ, or more traditional methods such as splint therapy.

Have any questions about the services we can provide to you or looking for a dentist near Jefferson? Give us a call today at 706-549-5678!