Oral Cancer Screening

Protect Yourself from Mouth Cancer With Annual Oral Cancer Screenings

oral cancer screenings near Watkinsville and Jefferson GA

The numbers are startling: Oral cancer strikes as many as 35,000 Americans each year. With statistics like these we believe that our patients should have a thorough oral cancer screening every year. As with most cancers, early detection of oral cancer is the key to a successful outcome. The problem with mouth cancer is that about seventy percent of the time it isn’t visible until it has reached an advanced stage of development.

We want our patients to be diagnosed as early as possible if they have oral cancer. The earlier you are diagnosed, the earlier we can help you get the treatment that you need in order to beat this horrible disease. In order to provide the most effective oral cancer screening possible, Dr. Alex and his staff use VELscope technology, which is the world’s leading oral cancer screening device.

We do our best to make our mouth cancer exams quick and comfortable, and with VELscope we can do oral cancer screenings effectively and comfortably. VELscope uses special fluorescence visualization technology (it appears like a special light) that helps us detect abnormal mouth tissue before it could normally be seen by the naked eye. As it passes over oral tissue, the VELscope creates a reaction that can make unhealthy tissue easier to identity from healthy oral tissue.

mouth cancer prevention with a dentist in Athens

Using VELscope we can identify tissue changes at their earliest stages. As soon as any abnormal tissue is identified we will determine the next steps that need to be taken to combat this disease and get you back on the path to good oral health.

We care out about our patients and want them to stay healthy and happy. We believe that by providing oral cancer screenings we can help our patients achieve this.

Have any questions about oral cancer or how we use VELscope technology to detect it? To schedule your oral cancer screening, call us today at our office in Athens. Dr. Alex provides this life-saving service to all residents in the area, including Bogart, Watkinsville, Commerce, and Jefferson GA.