What Our Patients Say

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Allison loves what Dr. Alex did for her smile.


I have been a patient of Dr. Alex since I was a teenager and I have always been very happy here. I love the practice for so many reasons. The care is consistently excellent and the atmosphere is consistently friendly, fun and comfortable. They pay attention to every detail and those little things make such a difference – when you are being treated they offer music and a warm blanket. The team is comforting and makes you feel like part of the family and even the colors of the office are calming and soothing. I would say that dentistry here is a holistic experience.

When I was a kid, I broke two front teeth and had them bonded. A few years ago I decided it was time to have the bonding replaced. I was completely confident in Dr. Alex’s ability. I was always a pretty smiley person, but now I smile even more! My teeth are whiter and brighter and my smile looks great.

I feel healthier and smile more after Dr. Alex restored my smile.


I moved to Athens GA in 2003 and I was going back and forth to Atlanta to see my dentist. After a couple of years of this, I realized I needed someone closer. When my wife and I met, Dr. Alex was her dentist so I began to see him too. I really felt good about going to him because his excellent reputation preceded him. Dr. Alex provides very gentle care and the office is always upbeat and personable yet business-like. I just like going there! And the work they did for me is really nice.

I first when in for hygiene and then he began to work on my cavities and crowns. Later, I had whitening, contouring bonding and porcelain veneers. Now I look so much better, I feel healthier and I get lots of compliments. I smile more, and my wife really likes that.

Mark was comfortable and relaxed during his visit to Dr. Glenn Alex.


I had been trying to find a local dentist but didn’t really know whom I could trust. I needed help because the fillings on my front teeth had become discolored. When I heard Dr. Alex’s radio ad, I thought I would give him a try. I found myself in the most relaxed atmosphere I have ever experienced at a dental office. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and Dr. Alex did a fantastic job on my teeth. My damaged teeth didn’t stand out anymore but matched my other teeth, and I was comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. I even watched a movie while having the work done. Dr. Alex was the perfect choice and I have been seeing him for about seven years. I couldn’t be happier.

Donna trusts Dr. Alex completely.


I tried several dentists before finding Dr. Alex; once I made the switch I have never looked back! I liked the experience so much that I brought my children to Dr. Alex. The staff is excellent with our kids and we never have to wait. We all feel very safe, cared for and catered to. We just trust Dr. Alex completely.

My teeth were showing signs of wear and I didn’t want it to get worse – I had ridges on my front teeth. Dr. Alex bonded them and it was surprisingly quick and simple. It only took about an hour to make my smile completely perfect! It was just like all my experiences at this office – easy and seamless. I love it; I have recommended many friends to his office and will continue to do so. Their office is professional and friendly, the perfect combination.

Dr. Alex gave Faye a prettier, more attractive smile.


I travel all over as a Pro-Am ballroom dancer, something I started when I was in my fifties. I loved dancing but I never smiled when I danced. I had a bad overbite; I was missing some lower front teeth so I had a bridge. I also had some older crowns on my upper teeth and jaw problems. I just wanted a prettier, more attractive smile that I felt good about.

I have been coming to Dr. Alex for over ten years and I knew that his work was of the highest quality and that he could do amazing things to make smiles both beautiful and healthy. Dr. Alex was very reassuring with his calm, “we can do it” attitude, and the team always lets me know that they genuinely care.

I received a new bridge on my lower teeth, he replaced the upper front crowns and I can’t believe what a difference it has made! It is absolutely worth getting the work done. Having a beautiful smile affects your whole outlook. I smile all the way through my dance routines now!

Clint had stained teeth, but Dr. Alex restored his smile to a bright white one.


When I was a kid, two of my teeth were stained by medicine. I also had gaps and the spacing of my teeth wasn’t right. I was totally unhappy with my smile. I am in college and I hated feeling embarrassed by my teeth – I hardly ever smiled.

My uncle comes to Dr. Alex so I when I decided to have cosmetic work done, I knew I could trust Dr. Alex for outstanding results. He is the best dentist I have ever been to by far. His office doesn’t even look like a dentist’s office. We did whitening on my bottom teeth along with resin bonding and a bridge and four crowns for my uppers. Dr. Alex was really accommodating through the whole process: he always worked around my schedule, kept me up to date on what was happening next and even worked with me on financing. He truly cares about his patients.

Now I grin and smile all the time! I am getting married in July and because of this, I can smile with confidence at my wedding!

Ivy's friends said Dr. Alex gave Ivy a perfect smile.


I’m a high schooler who loves horses…and now I love my smile too! I just started seeing Dr. Alex a few months ago when my orthodontist recommended him. I was self-conscious about my smile and really aware of the fact that it didn’t look the way I wanted it to. Dr. Alex made me comfortable and I felt that he knew what he was doing, and the whole staff was very nice.

Dr. Alex did bonding around my upper teeth and now I feel really good about my smile! People say I have the perfect smile. Some of my friends have started coming to see Dr. Alex now too!

Bob had his metal fillings replaced by Dr. Alex.


I wanted an improved bite and a more consistent look for my teeth with no metal showing. I wanted cosmetic work but I really wanted it to look natural, not overdone. I wanted a real looking smile. Dr. Alex placed crowns on my upper front teeth and I am so satisfied with the look! They look just like my natural teeth.

Everyone in this office is efficient, conscious of your time and very pleasantly upbeat. Dr. Alex even came in on his birthday to handle a dental emergency I was having! My wife and kids see him too and none of us ever dread going to see the dentist.

Dr. Alex eliminated the gap between Stephanie's teeth.


I was working in this practice when Dr. Alex bought it. I was so impressed by him that I stayed and worked for him for over 15 years. Dr. Alex genuinely cares. He wants what is best for you and he is always careful, gentle, and works to make his care completely pain-free. I love the team; they are not only accommodating, they truly care about people and building relationships with them.

Dr. Alex encouraged me to have a little work done on the gap I had in my smile and the discoloration that I had been living with. He placed full coverage porcelain veneers, crowns and did some bonding on my bottom front teeth. It is great! As long as Glenn is around, I will be his patient!

Dr. Alex performed full mouth reconstruction on Sonny.

Gartrell “Sonny” Thurman

My previous dentist had retired and I needed some work. I knew Dr. Alex and felt sure he could help me. I didn’t want to lose any teeth. I had chipped a front tooth; my bite wasn’t hitting right so I couldn’t chew properly and I was grinding at night; and I had worn down, decayed back teeth. I went to Dr. Alex for an evaluation and he recommended a full mouth reconstruction with implants and crowns. But he didn’t just recommend it – he created models so I could see the entire treatment plan and visualize what the results would be.

The process was very gentle. I had no pain and I absolutely got the results I expected. I don’t have any more grinding issues; I chew better and feel better. I know now that I will keep my teeth. And the bonus? A great looking smile!

Megan is receiving TMJ Treatment from Dr. Glenn Alex.


I used to wake up in the morning with sore teeth and a tired jaw. My husband would complain that my grinding/clenching at night would keep him awake. Dr. Alex recommended a splint appliance and it has helped tremendously! It is so comfortable to sleep in and I wake up in the morning pain free!