Dental Technology

We believe in using the very latest in dental technology to help our patients receive the best treatments possible. With our advanced technology, we can detect problems earlier than ever before, helping you maintain both your oral health, and your overall health too.

Some of the great technologies we employ at our office include:

  • Digital X-Ray | As part of your regular exams, we will take a series of digitalx-rays to get a better idea of your particular situation. Digital X-rays are larger, clearer, and more detailed than traditional film x-rays, allowing us to get a better picture of your oral health almost instantaneously. A digital x-ray has a couple of other great advantages, including they expose our patients to less radiation than traditional film x-rays, they are less hassle for our patients, and they are also safer for the environment because they do not require chemicals or paper to develop.

  • Intraoral Camera | Intraoral cameras are pen-sized camera devices that can take video of your teeth and then project that video live onto a computer screen in the treatment room. This gives us a close-up look at your teeth in real time, helping us to spot any decay, and any cracked or leaking fillings among other problems. An intraoral camera helps us diagnose problems early making them easier and more affordable to correct.

  • Diagnodent | This amazing tool is a hand-held laser that can quickly and comfortably detect small cavities. Diagnodent is so sensitive it can detect decay much earlier than conventional methods (such as radiography). We feel that Diagnodent is an indespensible tool in the promotion of good oral health and the prevention of dental problems.

  • The Wand | The Wand is a great new technology that helps us administer Novocaine to treatment areas in a more effective and safe way. The Wand looks a bit like a pen and regulates the flow of anesthetic via a computer-controlled injection. This makes it so when you get treatment from Dr. Alex or his staff, you can be comfortable and free of the usual aggravation involved with a standard Novocaine injection.

  • VELscope | Using VELscope we can detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. VELscope is a proven modern technology, and a great way to help stop mouth cancer in its tracks.

Have more questions about some of the technologies we use at our office? To find out more, call us today at our dental office! We offer our amazing dental technology services to residents of the Athens area, including Watkinsville and Jefferson GA.