Dentures Good Enough for Athens, GA

denture services and partial dentures with a dentist near Watkinsville and Jefferson GA

Having missing teeth can be a source of anxiety and even social discomfort for many people. Large gaps in your smile can decrease your self confidence, decrease your ability to be able to speak clearly, and even make it harder for you to continue eating your favorite foods.

If you have missing teeth, dentures can be a wonderful and affordable solution. Dr. Alex and his caring staff can help you examine your denture options and determine what is best for your particular situation. If you are missing just several teeth, then partial dentures may be your best option. However, if you have very few teeth left, full dentures (dentures that replace all of your teeth) are probably a better option for you.

Dentures are a wonderful way to improve functionality and restore your beautiful smile. By receiving a set of dentures you can resume eating the foods that you love and no longer have to worry about socially uncomfortable situations due to having missing teeth. With dentures you will be able to smile and laugh with confidence.

Here at Glenn Alex DMD we use top quality traditional dentures and partial dentures for our patients that need them. A traditional denture is custom made for each and every patient so they will fit right, and work correctly. Our staff will carefully take a mold of your mouth/remaining teeth which is then sent to a professional dental lab that specializes in custom crafting dentures. Whether you need full dentures or partial dentures, they can craft dentures to fit you and your needs.

A brief animation depicting the the denture preparation procedure and placement.

Dr. Alex and his staff will do their best to make sure that your dental needs are taken care of. If you feel that dentures sound like the best option for you, or if you have questions about dentures, please give us a call today!