Glenn Alex, DMD, is The Bright Choice in Dentistry in the Athens area because we serve everyone in the family. Our team will work with you to help educate your children about practicing good oral hygiene. We offer many modern dentistry techniques and regular teeth cleanings to provide your family with healthy mouths and shining smiles.


We offer the following dental services to create smiles that will last:

TOOTH-COLORED FILLINGS | Children often get cavities and will eventually need fillings. Instead of using metallic and unsightly dental fillings, we use tooth-colored or porcelain fillings for your family. These fillings not only look natural, they are safer than the metal fillings because they do not contain mercury.

MOUTH GUARDS | For families that are active or have had problems with teeth grinding during sleep, mouth guards are a perfect way to prevent damage. Our staff will create comfortable, custom-fit mouth guards for your family. Worry no more about that perfect smile being ruined by sports or nightly grinding.

DENTAL IMPLANTS | If a tooth gets knocked out or never comes in, dental implants are the only permanent solution. Our dental staff is experienced in providing dental implants in a safe and comfortable way for your family.

TEETH WHITENING | We can help brighten your smile and give it a natural look. We provide a few options to maximize your smile’s brightness. Teeth-whitening services are a great option when picture day for school comes around.

CHECKUPS | The American Dental Association recommends that everyone visit the dentist twice a year. This meeting schedule will help maximize your family’s oral health and help prevent future dental problems. Our staff will build a relationship with you and help your family, and we’ll make sure you understand the importance of daily brushing and flossing.

To help your family get the best dental service in Athens, Georgia, call Glenn Alex today at 706-549-5678. We proudly serve Bogart, Bishop, Statham and surrounding areas with proper family dentistry services.